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      CONST 6 1     




§1.  Parishes

Section 1.(A)  Parishes and Boundaries Ratified.  Parishes and their boundaries as established on the effective date of this constitution are recognized and ratified.  

(B)  Creation; Dissolution; Merger; Boundaries.  The legislature by law may establish and organize new parishes, dissolve and merge parishes, and change parish boundaries if approved by two-thirds of the electors in each parish affected voting thereon at an election held for that purpose.  

(C)  Change of Parish Seat.  The governing authority of a parish may call an election on the question of changing the parish seat.  The parish seat shall be changed if approved by two-thirds of the electors voting thereon.

(D)  Adjustment of Assets and Liabilities.  When a parish is enlarged or established from contiguous territory, it shall be entitled to a just proportion of the property and assets and shall be liable for a just proportion of the existing debts and liabilities of the parish or parishes from which the territory is taken.  

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