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      RS 18:1307.1     


§1307.1.  Application by person serving on sequestered jury

A.  A person qualified to vote absentee pursuant to R.S. 18:1303(C) may make application therefor to the registrar by letter over his signature, setting forth:

(1)  The election for which he requests an absentee ballot.

(2)  The reason for his request to vote absentee and attaching thereto a certified copy of the court order required by R.S. 18:1307.2.

(3)  The address to which the absentee ballot shall be delivered.

(4)  The ward and precinct in which the person is qualified to vote, if known.

B.  An application must be received by the registrar on the day of the election for which it is requested, and the date received shall be noted thereon by the registrar.

Added by Acts 1981, No. 475, §1.

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