RS 51:1405     

§1405. Unfair acts or practices; interpretation and rulemaking authority

            A. Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful.

            B. The attorney general may make rules and regulations interpreting the provisions of this Chapter consistent with the provisions in R.S. 51:1 through 461.1. Such rules and regulations shall be adopted in the form and manner prescribed by the Administrative Procedure Act, R.S. 49:950 et seq. The validity or applicability of a rule may be determined in an action for declaratory judgment in the district court of the parish in which the division is located or in the parish in which the plaintiff resides or is domiciled. Appeals may be had from any ruling of a district court in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure, except that such appeals shall be given preference and heard in priority to other appeals.

            Added by Acts 1972, No. 759, §1. Amended by Acts 1977, No. 240, §1, eff. July 5, 1977; Acts 1980, No. 719, §1, eff. July 29, 1980; Acts 1981, No. 873, §3, eff. Sept. 11, 1981; Acts 2006, No. 218, §1, eff. June 2, 2006.