RS 9:1124.106     

§1124.106.  Purchaser's right to cancel

A.  Unless delivery of a public offering statement is not required a declarant shall provide a purchaser of a unit with a copy of the public offering statement before conveyance of that unit, and not later than the date of any contract of sale.  Unless a purchaser is given the public offering statement more than fifteen days before execution of a contract for the purchase of a unit, the purchaser, before conveyance, may cancel the contract within fifteen days after first receiving the public offering statement.  

B.  If a purchaser elects to cancel a contract pursuant to Subsection A, he may do so by hand delivering notice thereof to the declarant or by mailing notice thereof by prepaid United States mail to the declarant, or to his agent for service of process.  Cancellation is without penalty, and all payments made by the purchaser before cancellation shall be refunded promptly.  

C.  Any person who reasonably relies on a materially false, or materially misleading statement in a public offering statement and deposits money or other things of value toward the purchase of a condominium unit shall, in addition to any other rights provided by law, have a cause of action to rescind the contract to purchase or collect damages from the seller prior to the closing of the act of transfer of the unit.  After closing of the act to transfer, the purchaser shall have a cause of action against the declarant for damages for one year subsequent to the date upon which the last of the event described in the following paragraph occurs:

(1)  The closing of the act of transfer of the unit; or

(2)  Sufficient completion by the seller of construction of the building containing the unit sold to allow lawful occupancy of the unit and completion of all common elements and all recreational facilities, whether or not common elements, which the seller is obligated to complete or provide under the contract to purchase the unit or which the seller is represented that he will provide in a sales brochure or similar material.  

D.  A cause of action created or recognized under this Section shall in any event prescribe five years after the date of closing of the act of transfer.  

Acts 1979, No. 682, §1.