CCP 2674     

Art. 2674.  Attorney appointed to represent unrepresented defendant

The court shall appoint an attorney at law to represent the unrepresented defendant in an executory proceeding under the following circumstances:

(1)  When the defendant is an absentee;

(2)  When the debtor is dead, no succession representative has been appointed, and his heirs and legatees have not been sent into possession;

(3)  When the debtor's property is under the administration of a legal representative, but the latter has died, resigned, or been removed from office, and no successor thereof has qualified;

(4)  When the defendant is a corporation or a partnership upon which process cannot be served for any reason; and

(5)  When the defendant is a minor, or a mental incompetent, who has no legal representative at the time of the institution of the proceeding.