CCP 683     

Art. 683. Unemancipated minor

            A. An unemancipated minor has no procedural capacity to sue.

            B. All persons having parental authority over an unemancipated minor must join as proper plaintiffs to sue to enforce a right of the minor, unless a joint custody implementation order otherwise applies. Nevertheless, with permission of the court, any person having parental authority may represent the minor whenever the other person having parental authority fails or refuses to do so.

            C. During tutorship, the tutor is the proper plaintiff to sue to enforce a right of the unemancipated minor.

            D. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph A, B, or C of this Article, an attorney appointed by the court having jurisdiction over an unemancipated minor who is in the legal custody of the Department of Children and Family Services is the proper plaintiff to sue to enforce a right of an unemancipated minor. Upon application of the tutor or a person having parental authority who would otherwise be the proper plaintiff to sue pursuant to Paragraph B or C of this Article, the court shall appoint or substitute as the proper plaintiff the best qualified among the tutor, a person having parental authority, or the appointed attorney.

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