HRULE 14.27     

Rule 14.27.  Notice of Change from Regular Schedule; Change from Time and Place in Notice

A.  In the event extraordinary circumstances require that a meeting of a committee be held at a place, day or hour other than that provided for such committee in the session or interim schedule, the chairman may make changes in the scheduled place, day and/or hour, with the approval of the Speaker, but in such case, in addition to providing the notices required herein, shall include in the notice particular mention of the change.

B.  After notice of an interim meeting has been given as provided in the rules, no change shall be made in the scheduled day unless notice is given of the newly scheduled meeting in accordance with the rules.  After notice of a session meeting has been given, no change shall be made in the place and/or hour of such meeting unless the chairman notifies all members of the committee of such change prior to the newly scheduled meeting and posts the notice in accordance with Rule 14.24.  No change shall be made in the day of a session meeting unless notice is given in the manner of the original notice and the change is noted therein.

HR 8, 1974; HR 45, 1998, eff. May 20, 1998.