HRULE 14.32     

Rule 14.32. Hearings; Persons to be Heard; Sworn Statement

            A. At any time a committee holds a public hearing, whether on an instrument or other matter before the committee, opportunity to appear before the committee shall be provided to a representative number of proponents and opponents on each issue which the instrument or matter presents. The author of any instrument on which a hearing is held or his designee, or, if the hearing is not on an instrument, the member offering the motion under discussion, shall be entitled to make opening and closing remarks.

            B.(1) Persons desiring to appear before a committee shall notify the committee chairman or the committee secretary no later than the beginning of the meeting. To be certain that an opportunity is afforded all persons who desire to be heard, the chairman shall inquire at the beginning of the hearing on each matter if there are additional persons who wish to be heard other than those who have previously notified the committee. The chairman shall allot the time available for the hearing in an equitable manner among those persons who are to be heard.

            (2)(a) Each person appearing before a committee shall be required to identify himself and the group, organization, or company he represents, if any. Before being allowed to testify before the committee, he shall also be required to file with the committee chairman or the committee staff a sworn written statement in the form of a signed witness card affirming that his testimony is true and correct. He shall then be considered to be under oath while providing such testimony before the committee.

            (b) A public employee who is a designee of an elected official appearing before a committee shall identify himself and the elected official for whom he is the designee. Before being allowed to present testimony on behalf of an elected official, the designee shall be required to file with the committee chairman a written statement from the elected official evidencing the designation and a written certification from the designee that he is acting in the performance of his official public duties. The written statement and certification shall be made on forms developed by the Clerk of the House.

            HR 8, 1974; HR 11, 2008 1st Ex. Sess., eff. Feb. 22, 2008; HR 19, 2022, eff. May 11, 2022.