HRULE 14.47     

Rule 14.47.  Minutes of meetings required; contents

Minutes of each meeting shall be kept and they shall constitute a written report of committee proceedings had at such meeting.  In such minutes there shall be entered:

(1)  The time and place of the meeting of the committee.

(2)  The members present or absent.

(3)  The names and addresses of all persons appearing before the committee, with the name and address, of any person, firm, corporation or association on whose behalf the appearance is made.

(4)  The instruments or other matters considered, by number where appropriate.

(5)  Action of the committee, including final action of the committee with respect to each instrument on which the committee makes a report to the House.

(6)  The vote of each member on each instrument, matter or motion considered by the committee on which a record vote is taken.

HR 8, 1974; HR 79, 2008, eff. June 23, 2008.