RS 27:603     

§603. Gaming Control Board; state police; duties and powers

            A.(1) The board shall perform the duties and functions as authorized by this Chapter and shall possess authority, control, and jurisdiction and all power incidental and necessary thereto with respect to the regulation of sports wagering as provided by Chapters 1 and 2 of this Title.

            (2)(a) In accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, the board shall:

            (i) Develop qualifications and standards and a process and procedure for the issuance of a license to operate a sports book as well as the renewal thereof. A process and procedure for notification to eligible applicants of available licenses as required by R.S. 27:604(B) shall be included.

            (ii) Develop qualifications and standards and a procedure and process for permitting sports wagering platform providers, manufacturers, suppliers, and personnel as well as the renewals thereof.

            (iii) Promulgate forms, processes, and procedures necessary to implement, administer, and regulate sports wagering as authorized by this Chapter.

            (iv) Establish standards for the amount of reserves required to be maintained by an operator and the allowable form of those reserves, including standards for initial reserves for a new licensee or newly permitted sports wagering platform provider.

            (v) Establish guidelines for the acceptance of wagers on a series of sports events by an operator.

            (vi) Prohibit an operator from unilaterally rescinding a wager except in compliance with rules of the board.

            (vii) For cash wagers placed in person or via a sports wagering mechanism, establish standards for the type of wagering tickets which may be used, information required to be printed on a ticket, and methods for issuing tickets.

            (viii) Establish the method of accounting to be used by an operator, the types of records required to be kept, and the length of time records shall be retained.

            (ix) Require an operator to comply with AML standards.

            (x) Provide standards for the use of credit and checks by players and other protections for players.

            (xi) Require an operator to submit for approval by the board its internal controls for all aspects of electronic wagering, including procedures for system integrity, system security, operations, accounting, patron disputes, and reporting of problem gamblers.

            (xii) Require an operator to submit for approval by the board its operational controls for server-based gaming systems, software, and hardware utilized on electronic sports wagering, including but not limited to appearance, functionality, contents, collection, storage and retention of data, and security.

            (xiii) Require an operator to submit for approval by the board its operational controls for patron's sports wagering accounts, including but not limited to procedures for establishment and closure of an online account, funding for withdrawal of funds from an online account, and generation of an account statement.

            (xiv) Establish standards for servers and other equipment used to accept wagers by operators and procedures for inspection and for addressing defective or malfunctioning devices, equipment, and accessories related to sports wagering.

            (xv) Require an operator to post the toll-free telephone number available to provide information and referral services regarding compulsive or problem gaming.

            (xvi) Require each operator to submit for board approval a responsible gaming policy that allows patrons to restrict themselves from placing wagers with the operator, including limits on time spent wagering and limits on amounts wagered, and identifies actions by the operator to honor those self-imposed restrictions.

            (b) For purposes of expeditious implementation of the provisions of this Chapter, the promulgation of the initial administrative rules pertaining to this Chapter shall be considered to constitute a matter of imminent peril to public health, safety, and welfare as provided in R.S. 49:962.

            B.(1) The gaming division of the office of state police shall, at all times considered appropriate by the board, be charged with inspecting and ensuring compliance with all the requirements of this Chapter.

            (2) The gaming division of the office of state police may be charged by the board with any other tasks deemed necessary to the regulation of sports wagering in this state.

            Acts 2021, No. 440, §1, eff. July 1, 2021.