SRULE 13.10     

Rule 13.10. Report by substitute

A. A committee may report a substitute for any Senate bill or for a joint resolution originating in the Senate or for several Senate bills on the same subject or for several joint resolutions on the same subject which originated in the Senate. No House instrument may be reported by substitute. The substitute, if adopted by the Senate, shall be numbered and read on three separate days, as in the case of original bills, but need not again be referred to a Senate committee. A committee also may report a substitute for a Senate resolution or for several Senate resolutions on the same subject, or for a Senate concurrent resolution or several Senate concurrent resolutions on the same subject, and the substitute, if adopted by the Senate, shall be numbered and shall be considered in the manner of the Senate resolutions or Senate concurrent resolutions reported by committee. A substitute bill shall be germane to the original bill. Any report by a committee of a Senate bill which would have the effect of striking all material following the enacting clause shall be reported by substitute rather than with amendments.

B. When an instrument is reported by substitute, the substitute shall reflect the same authors in the same order as those of the instrument being reported by substitute, if such author or authors consent thereto. If more than one instrument is reported by the same substitute, the author(s) present and consenting shall be listed as they appear on the instruments, in the order in which the instruments were introduced. Additional co- authors may be added thereafter.

C. Each substitute bill shall recite, after its number, the number of the bill it substitutes, as follows: "(Substitute of Senate Bill No.    by Senator          )."

SR 112 of 2004 RS