RS 24:515.1     

§515.1.  Uniform audit reporting

A.  The legislature hereby recognizes that the reporting, accounting, and audit system of the district public defenders is fragmented and does not provide a comprehensive picture of certain judicial finances and the costs of operating the indigent defender system.  Therefore, it is the intent of the legislature in the interests of the public to require the legislative auditor, by generally accepted auditing standards, to develop a uniform format for audit reports to assist district public defenders in reporting all major sources of revenue and expenditures.

B.  In order to fulfill the duties imposed upon him by this Section, the legislative auditor shall require that such uniform audit reports for district public defenders include, at a minimum, but not be limited to the following:

(1)  The amount of all state revenue provided by the legislature from general or special appropriations, or revenue passed through by state agencies.

(2)  The amount of all revenue provided by local government from general or special appropriations, appropriations required by law, and revenue from the criminal court fund.

(3)  The amount of grant funding from federal pass-through or categorical grants, grants from non-profit organizations, private and corporate foundations.

(4)  The amount of funding received from any self-generated revenue.

C.  The legislative auditor shall develop, supervise, and require the use of uniform, standardized, and consistent terminology for use in reporting on each source of revenue and each category of expenditure in order to provide for clarity.

D.  Notwithstanding any other provisions of law to the contrary, the district public defender, and regional director, where applicable, shall commence to use uniform formats for audit reports developed by the legislative auditor by the end of Calendar Year 2007 for such boards on a calendar year schedule, or Fiscal Year 2007-2008 for such boards on a fiscal year schedule.  The legislative auditor shall develop reporting schedules to assist such entities with standardized and uniform reporting requirements as provided for in this Section.

E.  The legislative auditor shall review the uniform reporting system for audit reports on an annual basis to determine if it is consistent with state law and generally accepted accounting principles, and he shall revise the uniform reporting system as circumstances deem necessary.  The legislative auditor shall have authority to determine whether the officials are complying with the requirements of the reporting system.

F.  The legislative auditor shall annually submit to the legislature a report detailing compliance with the requirements of this Section, a report outlining the information contained in the uniform audit reports, and any findings and recommendations resulting from an analysis of the information submitted by such entities.

G.  Any official who neglects, fails or refuses, to furnish the legislative auditor with a uniform audit report pursuant to this Section or fails to disclose or accurately disclose any information required in Subsection B shall be subject to a civil penalty for each day until such report or the required accurate information is filed.  The amount of the penalty shall be one hundred dollars per day, not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars for each violation.

Acts 2006, No. 597, §1, eff. June 23, 2006; Acts 2007, No. 307, §4.