RS 44:181.3     

§181.3.  Archivist

A.  The clerk of court as the parish recorder shall employ a full-time professional archivist to assist the clerk of court with the responsibilities of the office and to ensure the adequate preservation of records and documents.

B.  The archivist shall possess a baccalaureate degree in either history, political science, philosophy, anthropology, historical geography, archeology, French, Spanish, or fine arts, and have either:

(1)  At least two years of professional level experience in historical research or college level teaching in the above academic fields; or

(2)  At least two years of experience in archival operations, records management, records preservation, or other work involving locating, selecting, acquiring, and preserving documents or other valuable papers and materials.

Acts 2006, No. 621, §5, eff. June 23, 2006.