CHC 1229     

Art. 1229.  Duties of department; home study; confidential report

A.  The department shall investigate the proposed private adoption and submit a confidential report of its findings to the court.  The findings shall include:

(1)  The conditions with respect to the availability of the child for adoption.

(2)  The physical and mental condition of the child.

(3)  Other factors regarding the suitability of the child for adoption in petitioner's home.

(4)  The moral and financial fitness of the petitioner.

(5)  The conditions of the proposed adoptive home with respect to health, adjustment, and other advantages or disadvantages to the child.

B.  The department may delegate the performance of this investigation to a licensed private adoption agency, but the department remains responsible for ensuring the accuracy and thoroughness of the resulting report and for the safety and welfare of the child.  The department shall adopt, promulgate, and enforce such rules and regulations as are necessary and appropriate to implement this authorization in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.

C.  The department shall make every effort to locate any living parent whose consent is required under Article 1193 to determine the parent's attitude toward the proposed adoption.  If a curator ad hoc has been appointed by the court pursuant to Article 1227, the department shall supply him with all information pertinent to the location of an absentee parent within fifteen days of its receipt of a copy of the order appointing the curator ad hoc.

Acts 1991, No. 235, §12, eff. Jan. 1, 1992; Acts 1999, No. 1062, §4, eff. Jan. 1, 2000.