RS 13:1211     


§1211.  Qualifications; duties; bond; collection of fees; deputies; minute clerks

The qualifications and duties of the clerk of civil district court shall be as now fixed by law.  He shall furnish bond in the sum of twenty thousand dollars, which shall be examined by the court, and all testimony given in the examination shall be reduced to writing and filed of record in the court.  He shall charge and collect the fees prescribed by the legislature until superseded by those fixed by the court.  The clerk is authorized, with the approval of the judges of the civil district court, to appoint deputies and other assistants; and he may remove them at pleasure, or the court may remove them.  Each judge of the civil district court shall appoint one minute clerk, who shall be sworn as deputy clerk, and shall receive a salary as the court en banc may fix.  When directed by the court, a minute clerk shall administer the oath required by law of all witnesses and jurors.

Amended by Acts 1977, No. 44, §1; Acts 2006, No. 621, §19(B), eff. when the clerk of the 41st JDC takes office; Acts 2012, No. 474, §4(B)(2).