RS 13:691     


§691.  Annual salaries of district judges; certain civil district court judges; certain criminal district court judges; and certain juvenile and family court judges

A.  The annual salary of each of the several district judges of judicial districts, including the civil district court judges and the criminal district court judges of the parish of Orleans; the magistrate of the criminal district court for the parish of Orleans; the judges of the juvenile court of the parish of Orleans, the parish of Caddo, the parish of East Baton Rouge, and the parish of Jefferson; and the judges of the family court of East Baton Rouge Parish, shall be in the amount provided in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 13:42 et seq., as determined by recommendation of the Judicial Compensation Commission and approved by the legislature, and payable monthly upon the warrant of the judge.

B.  No judge whose salary is provided for herein shall receive for his services as a judge, directly or indirectly, any additional salary, compensation, emolument, or benefit from the state or any of its political subdivisions except:

(1)  Retirement benefits.

(2)  Reimbursement of those expenses provided for and authorized by R.S. 13:694, 13:698, and 13:1341.2.

(3)  Payment of premiums for health, medical, dental, and hospitalization insurance programs contributions to which shall be at the same rate as those paid by other state employees.

(4)  Educational grants.

(5)  Reimbursement for lease payments and expenses of no more than six hundred dollars per month incurred for vehicles used for official purposes in multiparish jurisdictions, provided that any such vehicles shall be leased in accordance with the provisions for public bid.

C.  Nothing in Subsection B of this Section shall require the state or any local political subdivision to expend any additional funds for payment of benefits, expenses, premiums, grants, or other items provided therein.

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