RS 14:390.3     

§390.3. Legitimate procurement of contraband

           Bona fide students of foreign languages, foreign affairs, or foreign political systems, other interested individuals, and also bona fide officially accredited educational institutions may obtain communist propaganda and have the same legally delivered to them within the state of Louisiana upon specifically requesting the delivery of the same for the purpose of personal or institutional use in the due course of the educational process. All such communist propaganda legally entering this state under this exemption shall be clearly and legibly labeled on both the front and back cover thereof, or on the front if not covered, with the words "Communist Propaganda" printed or stamped conspicuously in red ink, and failure to so label said material shall constitute a violation of R.S. 14:390 through 390.8 on the part of the sender or distributor thereof, the violation to be considered to take place at the point of actual delivery to the ultimate user who requested the material.

           Added by Acts 1962, No. 245, §1.