RS 27:405     


§405. Description and specifications of devices

            A. Each video draw poker device shall:

            (1) Be inspected by the division or its designee for certification and compliance.

            (2) Be connected with a system consisting of player operated terminals and a self-contained control computer.

            (3) Not have any device or program that will alter the reading of the values or amounts of play to reflect values or amounts other than actually played or any switches, jumpers, wire posts, or any other means of manipulation that could affect the operation or outcome of a game.

            (4) Not have any device, switch, program, or function that can alter the readings of the actual amounts or values relating to any function or occurrence of the device.

            (5) Have separate secure areas with locking doors for the game logic board and software, the cash compartment, and the mechanical meters as required by the rules and regulations of the division. These areas must be locking and separated. Access to one from the other must not be allowed at any time.

            (6) For card games, use a display with images of cards that closely resemble standard poker playing cards. Additional displays that are only for entertainment purposes are permitted.

            (7) Not have any functions or parameters adjustable by or through any separate video display or input codes, except for the adjustment of features that are wholly cosmetic.

            (8) Have a circuit-interrupting device, method, or capability which will disable the machine if the board approved program is accessed or altered.

            (9) Have a serial number or other identification number permanently affixed to the device by the manufacturer.

            (10) Have nonresettable mechanical meters housed in a secure compartment that keep a permanent record of all of the following:

            (a) Total credits accepted.

            (b) Total credits played by players.

            (c) Total credits won by players.

            (d) Total credits printed out by the ticket voucher printer.

            (e) The device must contain electronic metering using meters that record all of the following:

            (i) Total credits in, total credits played, total credits won, and total credits paid.

            (ii) Total hands of poker played and total hands of poker won.

            B.(1) Each video draw poker device shall be linked by telecommunication to a central computer for purposes of polling or reading device activities and for central computer remote shutdown of device operations; however, if the central computer system fails as a result of a malfunction or catastrophic event, the device may remain in operation until the central computer system is restored.

            (2) The division shall obtain approval from the House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice and the Senate Committee on Judiciary B prior to awarding any new central computer system contract.

            C. Each video draw poker device shall offer the game of draw poker or such other card games as are approved by the division and have the following method of operation:

            (1) The cards shall be shuffled after each hand is dealt.

            (2) Each hand shall utilize one or more decks of cards consisting of fifty-two standard playing cards each, and up to two jokers per deck may also be used. The decks shall be shuffled by use of a random number generator to exchange each card in a deck with another randomly selected card.

            (3) After shuffling, a required number of cards shall be dealt from the top of a deck.

            (4) Any discarded cards shall be replaced by remaining cards in a deck, starting with the next subsequent card and using the cards in the order of the deck.

            (5) The game shall display the hands for which won games or credits will be awarded and the number of won games or credits for each hand, not to exceed the value of one thousand dollars.

            (6) Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraphs (2), (3), and (4) of this Subsection when they are in conflict, multi-hand games shall be an authorized game for play when approved by an authorized device testing laboratory and the division, provided that, with respect to any video draw poker device located in Orleans Parish, no multi-hand game is or may be authorized unless it has been determined by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board that permitting such game in Orleans Parish will not violate any of the terms or provisions of Section 1.3 of the Amended and Renegotiated Casino Operating Contract entered into pursuant to R.S. 27:201 et seq., on October 30, 1998, as amended, effective October 19, 1999, March 29, 2001, March 31, 2001, February 14, 2005, and December 16, 2005. Any authorization of a multi-hand game by the division in violation of this Paragraph shall be null and void.

            D. A video draw poker device may have a mechanism that accepts ticket vouchers of any amount and cash in the form of bills with a denomination not to exceed one hundred dollars.

            E. The division may provide for additional specifications for devices to be approved and authorized pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter as it deems necessary to maintain the integrity of video draw poker devices and operations. The division shall not provide for any additional specifications which would have the effect of reducing to fewer than four the number of manufacturers who make devices that meet the specifications of this Chapter.

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