RS 23:1292     

§1292.  Statistical data; required reports; penalties

A.  Every employer of more than ten employees who is subject to recordkeeping under the provisions of 29 U.S.C. 655 shall, within ninety days of any occupational death of an employee, any non-fatal occupational illness, or any non-fatal occupational injury involving either loss of consciousness, restriction of work or motion, transfer to another job, or medical treatment other than first aid, send to the records management section the following information:

(1)  Employer's name.

(2)  Employee's name.

(3)  Employee's occupation.

(4)  A description of employee's duties.

(5)  A description of employee's workplace.

(6)  Date of death, injury, or onset of illness.

(7)  A description of the accident or occurrence resulting in death, injury, or illness.

(8)  The number of work days lost or days of restricted activity involving the employee and resulting from the accident, occurrence, or illness.

B.  The records of the records management section which contain the identity of individual employers or employees are confidential, shall not be public records, and shall not be subject to subpoena.  All employees of the office shall maintain such confidentiality.  The statistical data derived from these records shall be public records, however, and shall be published annually by the section in such form as will insure its availability to the general public.

C.  Any employee of the office who violates the confidentiality of any record that reveals the identity of any employer or employee involved in a case of occupational death, injury, or illness shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not more than five hundred dollars for each offense.

Amended by Acts 1983, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 1, §1, eff. July 1, 1983; Acts 1997, No. 1172, §4, eff. June 30, 1997; Acts 2001, No. 1032, §9.