RS 24:515     

§515.  Accounts of offices, boards, commissions, agencies, and departments; records of general fixed assets

A.  All auditees shall designate or provide an office for their secretary, treasurer, or principal finance officer where their books and records must be kept.  All accounts of such public funds shall be kept in the form prescribed by the legislative auditor and he shall have the authority to install a system of accounting in any office which he is authorized to examine and audit.  Any failure of any auditee to furnish the legislative auditor with any information requested shall be immediately reported to the Legislative Audit Advisory Council which shall take such action as it may deem proper.  

B.(1)  The head of every auditee subject to examination and audit under the provisions of R.S. 24:513(A) shall maintain records of all land, buildings, improvements other than buildings, equipment, and any other general fixed assets which were purchased or otherwise acquired, and for which such entity is accountable.  The records shall include information as to the date of purchase of such property or equipment, the initial cost, the disposition, if any, the purpose of such disposition, and the recipient of the property or equipment disposed of.  When ascertaining the exact cost, exact selling price, or any other relevant information on property or equipment obtained prior to January 1, 1980, creates a hardship on the auditee, such agency may provide estimates of the information.  The records shall be made available to the legislative auditor or, when the audit is conducted by a certified public accountant, the certified public accountant, at the time of examination and audit of the auditee, or any such time as the legislative auditor or certified public accountant requests the copies of such records be furnished.  The records shall not include office supplies.  Said records shall be used as one of the criteria in determining the rating which the auditee will be given.  

(2)  The records required to be maintained by Paragraph (l) hereof for state government shall be prepared on forms and conform to procedures developed and established by the division of administration in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.  

Acts 1975, No. 744, §1.  Amended by Acts 1981, No. 207, §1; Acts 1982, No. 349, §1, eff. June 30, 1983; Acts 1991, No. 610, §1, eff. Dec. 31, 1991.