RS 31:136     

§136.  Written notice; requirement and effect on claims for damages or dissolution of lease

If a mineral lessor seeks relief from his lessee arising from drainage of the property leased or from any other claim that the lessee has failed to develop and operate the property leased as a prudent operator, he must give his lessee written notice of the asserted breach to perform and allow a reasonable time for performance by the lessee as a prerequisite to a judicial demand for damages or dissolution of the lease.  If a lessee is found to have had actual or constructive knowledge of drainage and is held responsible for consequent damages, the damages may be computed from the time a reasonably prudent operator would have protected the leased premises from drainage.  In other cases where notice is required by this Article damages may be computed only from the time the written notice was received by the lessee.

Acts 1974, No. 50, §136, eff. Jan. 1, 1975; Acts 1995, No. 1116, §1.