RS 31:212.31     


§212.31.  Payment information to interest owners

A.  As used in this Article:

(1)  "Check stub" means the financial record attached to a check.  

(2)  "Division order" means a contract of sale to the purchaser of oil or gas directing the purchaser to make payment for the value of the products taken in the proportions set out in the division order, which division order is prepared by the purchaser on the basis of the ownership shown in the title opinion prepared after examination of the abstracts and which is executed by the operator, the royalty owners, and the other persons having an interest in the production.  

(3)  "Interest owner" means a person owning a royalty interest or a working interest in an oil or gas well or unit.  

B.  Whenever payment is made for oil or gas production to an interest owner, whether pursuant to a division order, lease, servitude, or other agreement, all of the following information shall be included on the check stub or on an attachment to the form of payment, unless the information is otherwise provided on a regular basis:

(1)  Lease identification number, if any, or reference to appropriate agreement with identification of the well or unit from which production is attributed.  

(2)  Month and year of sales or purchases included in the payment.

(3)  Total barrels of crude oil or MCF of gas purchased.  

(4)  Owner's final realizable price per barrel or MCF.  

(5)  Total amount of severance and other production taxes, with the exception of windfall profit tax.  

(6)  Net value of total sales from the property after taxes are deducted.  

(7)  Interest owner's interest, expressed as a decimal fraction, in production from (1) above.  

(8)  Interest owner's share of the total value of sales prior to any tax deductions.  

(9)  Interest owner's share of the sales value less his share of the production and severance taxes, as applicable.  

Added by Acts 1983, No. 660, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1984.