NGO Funding Request

The recipient entity's full legal name:  New Orleans BioInnovation Center, Inc.

The recipient entity's physical address:
           1441 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA 70112

The recipient entity's mailing address (if different):
           1441 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA 70112

Type of Entity (for instance, a nonprofit corporation):  Non-Profit Corporation

If the entity is a corporation, list the names of the incorporators:
          Paul K. Whelton

The last four digits of the entity's taxpayer ID number:  8125

What is the dollar amount of the request?  $4,500,000

What type of request is this?  General Appropriation

Is this entity in good standing with the Secretary of State?  Yes

Provide the name of each member of the recipient entity's governing board and officers:
           Patrick Norton, New Orleans, LA
Steve Nelson, New Orleans, LA
Robin Foreman, New Orleans, LA
Andre Rubeinstein, New Orleans, LA
Gene D’Amour, New Orleans, LA
Arthur Cooper, New Orleans, LA
Kris Khalil – Executive Director, New Orleans, LA

Provide a summary of the project or program:
           The New Orleans BioInnovation Center, on behalf of the Gulf Coast Health Sciences Corridor (GCHSC), seeks state funding to support the development of the health sciences industry in South Louisiana through strategic investment in workforce development, innovation, and infrastructure.

The Gulf Coast Health Sciences Corridor is led by the New Orleans Bionnovation Center (NOBIC) in partnership with the New Orleans BioDistrict (BioDistrict) and Baton Rouge Health District. Additional coalition members who are well-aligned to support cluster-based economic development include the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF), Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.), LSU Health New Orleans, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Tulane University, Xavier University of Louisiana, and Delgado Community College (DCC). Additional coalition partners include Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC), Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF), Ochsner Health, LCMC, and more. Coalition members collaborated in partnership with Louisiana Economic Development in application to the United States Economic Development Administration’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge, becoming finalists in the national grant competition. GCHSC seeks to build on the momentum of its success through programmatic investments that will position South Louisiana for economic diversity and growth:

The Greater New Orleans Foundation will expand its successful New Orleans Works (NOW) public/private career training initiative across the Baton Rouge-New Orleans Super Region to train and place entry-level health care workers with coalition partners, providing a growing base of talent to fuel the sector’s long-term growth.

Xavier and Tulane Universities will build on their successful 3 + 2 engineering master's degree programs in chemical and biomedical engineering to expand the availability of diverse talent in the region. Funding will also support enhancement of the joint LSU/Xavier PharmD/PhD in pharmacology as well as their new undergraduate neuroscience research mentoring programs to foster translational research and increase the number of people of color trained in advanced biomedical research.

The Tulane University Innovation Institute will partner with the Xavier Entrepreneurship Institute to launch the first two classes of a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship focused on developing and retaining high-level research and commercialization talent, creating a long-term talent pipeline to management and executive leadership. The fellowship will provide well-compensated formal training, an immersive work experience, and support to enter full-time employment or entrepreneurship with project partners.

The New Orleans BioInnovation Center will host a health equity accelerator hub that identifies, supports, and scales sustainable health ventures to support innovation. This centralized accelerator hub will unite, strengthen, and fill gaps among the region’s complementary accelerators, pitch competitions and commercialization programs while focusing on creating a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. NOBIC will partner with STEM-focused community organizations and businesses to strengthen the region’s health sciences competitiveness through new product innovation, full-time job creation in bio-based ventures, and foreign direct investments/exports

NeuroNOLA will make Southeast Louisiana a national destination for the research and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. With the world population of people over 65 years old expected to double by 2050, the need to prevent and treat neurological diseases as a key subset of chronic diseases will continue to grow exponentially. State funds will help facilitate the development and early implementation of a strategic plan to coordinate and scale the region’s expertise and assets in this area to drive substantive change.

What is the budget relative to the project for which funding is requested?:
          Salaries. . . . . . . . . . . . . $0
          Professional Services. . . $0
          Contracts . . . . . . . . . . . $0
          Acquisitions . . . . . . . . . $0
          Major Repairs . . . . . . . $0
          Operating Services. . . . $0
          Other Charges. . . . . . . $0

Does your organization have any outstanding audit issues or findings?  No

If 'Yes' is your organization working with the appropriate governmental agencies to resolve those issues or findings?

What is the entity's public purpose, sought to be achieved through the use of state monies?
          The Gulf Coast Health Sciences Corridor (GCHSC) is primed to be the next robust U.S. health sciences industry cluster and a key driver of a more equitable and resilient economy in the heart of the Deep South. The GCHSC will be a catalyst in the diversification of Louisiana’s economy, driving growth, providing good-paying jobs for Louisianans, and advancing healthcare solutions for a large patient population with chronic illnesses.

Our vision is to transform the super region, stretching from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, into a national leader in health sciences R&D, commercialization, and treatment, with a focus on addressing chronic and neurodegenerative disease, two challenges that plague our community at some of the worst rates in the nation. We will do so by:
•Becoming a national leader in workforce equity, preparing our region’s diverse talent for roles at all levels, from middle-skill jobs to specialized research and leadership roles.
•Strengthening the region’s R&D and commercialization pipelines through new infrastructure development and cross-sector collaboration to leverage industry expertise and promote startup creation and investment, with a focus on products and treatments that address chronic and neurodegenerative disease and widespread health disparities.
•Growing our entrepreneurial ecosystem through the development of essential space for innovation and growth, capitalizing on local talent and R&D capacity, and building a collaborative network to retain and scale promising companies.

What are the goals and objectives for achieving such purpose?
          •Accelerating R&D and product commercialization related to chronic and neurodegenerative diseases, leveraging the region’s deep research and care expertise in diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and neurodegenerative diseases to develop new treatments, products, and companies that address local and global health needs.
•Creating a center of excellence for addressing health disparities, leveraging regional scientific and medical expertise to address some of the nation’s widest health disparities and become a hub for destination medicine through evidence-based care, improved industry coordination, and community health networks.
•Providing new, stable career pathways to Louisianans in an industry primed for long-term growth through implementation of multiple levels of workforce training and programming.

What is the proposed length of time estimated by the entity to accomplish the purpose?
           1 year

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Contact Information
name:  Korey Patty 
                                       address:  1441 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA 70112

                                       phone:  2254391474
                                       relationship to entity:  Regional Economic Competitiveness Officer