House Committee on Judiciary
May 5, 2022
9:30 a.m.
Room 1


  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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 HCR10BRYANTCIVIL/ACTIONS - Requests the state to expedite the resolution of pending civil litigation with the estate of Ronald Greene
 HCR87MAGEECOURTS/COURT COSTS - Requests the courts to develop and implement a unified court cost system
 HB366FRIEMANJUDGES - (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to the mandatory retirement age for judges
 HB370MAGEEALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Provides relative to the self-distribution of certain alcoholic beverages by certain brewers
 HB430JORDANDRUGS - Provides relative to the regulation of cannabis
 HB660CORMIERDISTRICT ATTORNEYS - (Constitutional Amendment) Requires district attorneys to retire at age 70
 HB744GAINESCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to convictions rendered by a verdict from a non-unanimous jury
 HB745GREENLAW ENFORCE/OFFICERS - Provides relative to the officer bill of rights
 HB915CREWSCORONERS - Provides for duties of coroners in cases in which a death occurs within a certain time period of the decedent's last vaccination
 HB922MARCELLEPOLICE/STATE - Provides for the collection and reporting of data (OR +$3,239,810 GF EX See Note)
 HB966CARRIERCORONERS - Authorizes a renewable tax for the operation of the coroner's office for certain parishes
 HB1009PHILLIP TARVERLAW ENFORCE/OFFICERS - Provides relative to the training requirements for part-time and reserve peace officers
 HB1057DESHOTELFUELS - Provides for an emergency fuel reserve (EG INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 SCR20LUNEAUHEALTH SERVICES - Requests the continued operation of the Alexandria Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
 SB132MILLIGANSUNSET LAW - Re-creates the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. (6/30/22)
 SB135BOUDREAUXMILITARY AFFAIRS - Provides relative to Military Family Assistance Fund applications. (gov sig)
 SB171FOILSUNSET LAW - Re-creates the Department of Veterans Affairs. (6/30/22)
 SB216JACKSON-ANDREWSCOURTS - Provides for the transfer and deposit of monies from the witness fee fund to the operating fund of the Bastrop City Court for operating expenses of the court. (gov sig)
 SB219JACKSON-ANDREWSCOURTS - Authorizes judicial district indigent defender funds to be used for the purposes of retaining expert witnesses. (8/1/22) (EN INCREASE SD EX See Note)
 SB392BOUDREAUXLEGIS POWERS/FUNCTIONS - Designates St. Landry Parish as the Equine Capital of Louisiana and St. Tammany Parish as the Thoroughbred Breeding Capital of Louisiana. (gov sig)




Any person who does not feel comfortable giving testimony in person may submit a prepared statement in accordance with House Rule 14:33 in lieu of appearing before the committee:

A. Any interested person or any committee member may file with the committee a prepared statement concerning a specific instrument or matter under consideration by the committee or concerning any matter within the committee's scope of authority, and the committee records shall reflect receipt of such statement and the date and time thereof.

B. Any person who files a prepared statement which contains data or statistical information shall include in such prepared statement sufficient information to identify the source of the data or statistical information. For the purposes of this Paragraph, the term "source" shall mean a publication, website, person, or other source from which the data or statistical information contained in the prepared statement was obtained by the person or persons who prepared the statement.

NOTE: Statements emailed to and received prior to noon on May 4, 2022, will be distributed to the committee members prior to the meeting.