Senate Committee on Judiciary B
May 29, 2020
10:00 a.m.
Room A-B

* Agenda Revised May 28, 2020, 8:27 pm *
Revision Notes: ADDED SR 65, HCR 75, HCR 80, HCR 93 & HB 417 REMOVED May 19, 2020 Minutes


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 May 12, 2020

 SR65SMITHLEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT - Directs certain executive branch agencies to continue to submit statutorily mandated reports to the Senate Committee on Judiciary B until such time as the mandate is specifically amended or repealed.
 HCR3MAGEEBOARDS/COMMISSIONS - Recreates the Louisiana Commission on Justice System Funding
 HCR53STAGNIEXCEPTIONAL PERSONS - Requests a study concerning a voluntary registry of persons with autism and other developmental disabilities for use by law enforcement professionals
 HCR75SCHEXNAYDERWORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT - Requests the Workforce Investment Council and Occupational Forecasting Conference to immediately work with private sector experts to assess short-term and long-term workforce implications and opportunities resulting from COVID-19
 HCR80SCHEXNAYDERUNEMPLOYMENT COMP - Requests the Louisiana Workforce Commission to provide clear, consistent, and easily accessible explanations of unemployment benefits and potential ramifications
 HCR93CREWSGOVERNOR - Requests the governor to ensure that individual liberty and rights are protected as the state administers contact tracing
 HB70MIKE JOHNSONMILITARY AFFAIRS - Provides relative to National Guard death and disability benefits and qualifying subsequent examination (EN INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB173JAMESJUVENILES - Provides parole eligibility for certain juvenile offenders (EN DECREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB338DUPLESSISPARDON/PAROLE - Provides relative to physical and mental health information of an offender appearing before the committee on parole
 HB344LANDRYCORRECTIONS - Prohibits the use of solitary confinement for certain persons
 HB368MACKGAMBLING/VIDEO POKER - Provides relative to qualified truck stop facilities
 HB417JAMESJUVENILE PROCEDURE - Provides relative to the waiver of certain court costs and fees (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF RV See Note)
 HB453HILFERTYJUVENILE PROCEDURE - Provides relative to motions to modify disposition
 HB510JAMESCRIMINAL/RECORDS - Provides relative to the availability of certain criminal justice system data to certain nonprofit entities
 HB529DUPLESSISCRIMINAL/RECORDS - Provides relative to letters of incarceration
 HB584SELDERSCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to the authorized uses of funds in the Crime Victims Reparations Fund (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD EX See Note)
 HB643JONESPAROLE - Provides relative to the supervision of parolees (EN SEE FISC NOTE SG RV See Note)
 HB670STEFANSKIGAMBLING/VIDEO POKER - Provides relative to the criteria and amenity requirements for qualified truck stops
 HB842HILFERTYCOURTS - Provides relative to the assessment, collection, and distribution of certain court costs and fees in the parish of Orleans (EN NO IMPACT LF RV See Note)


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