Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee
November 29, 2021
9:30 a.m.
Room 5


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 1. Update from LDH on plans for instituting hospital payment reform through a directed payment model and discussion of the following aspects of the model:
 a. Compliance of the proposed payment model with the Rural Hospital Preservation Act (R.S. 40:1189.1 et seq.)
 b. Placement of rural hospitals within the tiered system proposed in the directed payment model
 c. Compliance of the proposed payment model with House Concurrent Resolution No. 2 of the 2021 Regular Session, particularly the requirements of Section III of the Resolution
 d. Compliance of the proposed payment model with Const. Art. VII, §14 prohibiting the donation of public funds
 e. Compliance by LDH with the provisions of Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 27 of the 2020 First Extraordinary Session requiring the department to seek independent consultant opinions and alternative options for a hospital payment reform model
 2. Discussion of an increase in the assessment levied pursuant to Const. Art. VII, §10.13(A)(2)(b) as a means of financing hospital payment reform
 3. Consideration of principles to guide the LDH hospital payment reform plan
 4. Consideration of draft content for the annual report required by Joint Rule 11(E)

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