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Citator Index to Acts

Changes Effected by the 2023 Regular Session

to the Children's Code

Article Change Act
ART.305(A)(2) Amend Act 418
ART.305(B)(3) Amend Act 418
ART.306(B)(2) Amend Act 445
ART.306(B)(intro. para.) Amend Act 445
ART.306(C) Amend Act 445
ART.306(G) Amend Act 445
ART.412(G) Amend Act 448
ART.622(A) Amend Act 226
ART.650 Enact Act 226
ART.791.4 Amend Act 387
ART.791.5 Amend Act 387
ART.804(1) Amend SB159
ART.811.1(A)(5) Amend Act 448
ART.811.1(A)(10)(intro. para.) Amend Act 448
ART.811.1(F) Amend Act 448
ART.811.1(G) Repeal Act 448
ART.811.3 Amend Act 448
ART.815(F) Enact Act 445
ART.879(D) Enact Act 448
ART.879(E) Enact Act 448
ART.897.1(C) Amend Act 420
ART.897.1(D) Amend Act 420
ART.1004.1 Amend Act 271
ART.1004.2 Enact Act 271
ART.1004(A) Amend Act 271
ART.1004(I) Repeal Act 271
ART.1015 Amend Act 271
ART.1015.1 Amend Act 271
ART.1015.2 Enact Act 271
ART.1016(A) Amend Act 271
ART.1037(B) Amend Act 271
ART.1039(B) Amend Act 271
ART.1264 Amend Act 16
Title VII, Ch.15 (heading) Amend Act 387

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