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Citator Index to Acts

Changes Effected by the 2023 Regular Session

to the Revised Statutes, TITLE 28 - MENTAL HEALTH

Title/Section Change Act
28:53(B)(1) Amend Act 322
28:53(B)(4)(intro para) Amend Act 322
28:53(F) Amend Act 322
28:53(G)(2) Amend Act 322
28:53(G)(2) Amend Act 363
28:53(G)(7)(a)(intro para) Amend Act 322
28:53(G)(7)(b)(ii) Amend Act 322
28:53(G)(7)(b)(intro para) Amend Act 322
28:53(J)(1) Amend Act 322
28:53(J)(3) Amend Act 363

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