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      CHC 1015.1     


Art. 1015.1. Termination of parental rights, certain grounds; costs and fees

            A. A petitioner shall not be required to prepay nor be cast with court costs or costs of service or subpoena for the filing of the petition pursuant to Article 1015(3) or (9). The clerk of court shall immediately file and process the petition, regardless of the ability of the petitioner to pay court costs.

            B. All court costs, attorney fees, costs of enforcement and modification proceedings, costs of appeals, evaluation fees, and expert witness fees incurred in filing, maintaining, or defending any proceeding under Article 1015(3) or (9) shall be paid by the perpetrator of the sex offense, including all costs of medical and psychological care for the sexually abused adult, or for the child conceived as a result of the sex offense.

            Acts 2016, No. 608, §1.

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