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      CHC 1161     


Art. 1161. Official Safe Haven symbol

            A. The legislature hereby creates an official Safe Haven symbol for use in identifying to the public those sites which are classified as designated emergency care facilities pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, and for any other use which the department deems necessary or advantageous in fulfilling the purposes set forth in this Chapter. The design and promulgation of the symbol shall be in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

            B.(1) The general design of the Safe Haven symbol shall be as follows: Two solid lines, each oriented diagonally, meeting to form an apex in the style of a gable roof; superimposed upon and just underneath the image of the roof being a stylized figure symbolic of an infant, oriented almost horizontally, consisting of a circle representing the infant's head proximate to or adjoining an oval representing the infant's body; superimposed upon and just underneath the figure of the infant being a stylized figure symbolic of the lower two-thirds of an arm and a hand of a person, oriented almost horizontally and opposite the direction in which the infant's head lies, with the figure of the arm bent in curvilinear form upward from the position of the elbow in a cradling posture; the design elements, collectively, giving the appearance of an infant cradled in the arm of a person under the shelter of a roof. The color of these design elements shall be black.

            (2) The department shall promulgate in rule the image that shall constitute the official Safe Haven symbol.

            C. The department is hereby authorized, but is not required, to produce electronic and physical copies of the Safe Haven symbol with any of the following features individually or in any combination:

            (1) Text reading "SAFE BABY SITE" in all capital letters appearing above the symbol.

            (2) A background that is either white or a shade of yellow typically used for traffic warning signs indicating necessity of caution.

            Acts 2016, No. 84, §1.

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