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      RS 51:1362     


NOTE: §1362 eff. upon appropriation of funds sufficient to fully fund the office of broadband and connectivity. See Acts 2020, 2nd Ex. Sess., No. 24.

§1362. The office of broadband and connectivity

            A. There is hereby created within the office of the governor the office of broadband and connectivity. The head of the office shall be the executive director of broadband and connectivity who shall be appointed by the governor to serve at his pleasure. The appointment shall be subject to Senate confirmation.

            B. The executive director shall employ necessary staff to carry out the duties and functions of the office as provided in this Chapter, or as otherwise provided by law.

            C. On or before February first of each year, the executive director shall prepare and submit to the governor, the House Committee on Commerce, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and International Affairs, and the Joint Legislative Committee on Technology and Cybersecurity, a comprehensive report to include, at a minimum, the following information:

            (1) Activities undertaken by the office during the previous year.

            (2) Data concerning broadband and other connectivity services in this state and expansion and deployment of these services.

            (3) An assessment of the current availability and accessibility of broadband and other connectivity services in the state.

            (4) A mapping initiative to identify availability of broadband to every home and business in the state.

            (5) Availability and description of public or private grants available for the expansion or enhancement of broadband services and other connectivity services in the state.

            (6) Recommendations for legislative proposals.

            (7) Identification of resources to assist the office in performing its functions and duties.

            D. The governor shall direct that all state agencies provide the executive director with assistance in advancing the purpose of the office and assure that the activities of the office are fully coordinated with the activities of state agencies providing related services.

            Acts 2020, 2nd Ex. Sess., No. 24, §3, see Act.

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