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      RS 9:1141.3     


§1141.3.  Applicability

A.  The provisions of this Part shall be applicable to existing and future residential planned communities whose declarations have been duly executed and filed for registry.  However, this Part shall not be construed to affect the validity or superiority of any provision of a community document.  Only to the extent the community documents are silent shall the provisions of this Part apply.

B.(1)  This Part shall not apply to condominium property governed by the provisions of Part II of this Chapter.

(2)  The provisions of Part II-A of this Chapter shall be applicable to an ownership timeshare interest created in a lot within a planned community to the extent that those provisions do not conflict with the provisions of this Part.

C.  This Part shall not impair any right that is guaranteed or protected by the constitution of this state or the United States, nor shall this Part be construed to affect any act done, offense or violation committed, or right accrued.

D.  This Part shall not be construed to impair or cast a cloud upon the titles of common areas or lots within a residential planned community.

Acts 1999, No. 309, §2, eff. June 16, 1999.

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