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      CHC 408     


Art. 408. Duty of court to control proceedings; use of restraints on a child

            A. The court shall require that the proceedings be conducted with dignity and in an orderly and expeditious manner, and shall control the proceedings so that justice is done. The court may exclude any person whose conduct is disruptive if the person fails promptly to heed the court's admonition to refrain from such conduct.

            B.(1) Restraints shall not be used upon a child during any juvenile court proceeding except in a delinquency proceeding as specifically provided in this Paragraph.

            (2) A court may permit a child to be restrained in the courtroom only upon the court's individualized determination that the use of restraints is necessary because the child presents a particularized risk of physical harm to himself or another or presents a particularized substantial risk of flight from the courtroom, and that there are no less restrictive alternative measures to prevent flight or physical harm. The fact that the child is detained is insufficient to warrant a finding that the use of restraints is necessary.

            (3) If it is alleged that the use of restraints upon a child is necessary, the district attorney or law enforcement shall inform the judge and the attorney for the child prior to the proceeding. The attorney for the child shall be given an opportunity to be heard and object on the record. If the use of restraints is ordered, the judge shall state on the record the reasons therefor.

            (4) In accordance with Paragraph A of this Article, a court may authorize the use of restraints when the conduct of the child during a hearing presents an imminent threat, risk of flight, or physical harm.

            (5) This Paragraph does not apply when the child is in a detention center, when the child is in transport from a detention center to the courthouse, or when the child is held in the courthouse outside of the room where the juvenile delinquency proceeding will occur.

            Acts 1991, No. 235, §4, eff. Jan. 1, 1992; Acts 2018, No. 453, §1.

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