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      RS 42:344     


§344. Mandatory reports

            A. Each agency head shall compile an annual report by February first of each year containing information from the previous calendar year regarding his agency's compliance with the requirements of this Chapter including the number and percentage of public servants in his agency who have completed the training requirements, the number of sexual harassment complaints received by his agency, the number of complaints which resulted in a finding that sexual harassment occurred, the number of complaints in which the finding of sexual harassment resulted in discipline or corrective action, and the amount of time it took to resolve each complaint. These reports shall be public record and available to the public in the manner provided by the Public Records Law.

            B. Agency heads in state government shall submit the reports required by Subsection A of this Section by February fifteenth of each year as follows:

            (1) Agency heads in the twenty principal departments of the executive branch of state government, the office of the governor, and the office of lieutenant governor shall submit the report to the division of administration.

            (2) Agency heads in the legislative branch of state government shall submit the report to the Legislative Budgetary Control Council.

            (3) Agency heads in the judicial branch of state government, including the supreme court, courts of appeal, district courts, and other courts authorized by Article V of the Constitution of Louisiana, shall submit the report to the chief justice of the supreme court.

            C. The office of risk management, within the division of administration, shall submit an annual report to the speaker of the House of Representatives and the president of the Senate, related to the complaints of sexual harassment which are filed with the office for adjustment, as follows:

            (1) The total number of sexual harassment cases filed with office of risk management.

            (2) The number of cases which are settled and the total monetary amount paid in settlements.

            (3) The number of cases for which a lawsuit is filed and the disposition of each case.

            (4) The monetary amount paid for attorney fees, court costs, expert witness fees and any other litigation costs to defend each sexual harassment complaint.

            Acts 2018, No. 270, §1, eff. January 1, 2019.

NOTE: First reports required pursuant to this Section due February 2020, see Acts 2018, No. 270, §2.

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