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      CCP 1430.1     


Art. 1430.1.  Ex parte order; death or incapacitating illness

A.  Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 1430, the court may by ex parte order grant the perpetuation of testimony as provided in Article 1431 if:

(1)  The facts set forth in the petition show the desire to perpetuate testimony is based upon a reasonable belief that there is a substantial possibility that the person whose testimony is sought will die or be too incapacitated to testify before a contradictory hearing can be held; and

(2)  The interest of justice requires the immediate perpetuation of the testimony.

B.  Should the court grant perpetuation of testimony in accordance with this Article, the petitioner shall give reasonable notice in writing to an expected adverse party of the time and place for perpetuating the testimony, manner of perpetuation, name and address of the person whose testimony is to be perpetuated, and the subject matter of the testimony.

C.  If an expected adverse party is a minor or incompetent, the court shall appoint an attorney to represent him, and the notice shall be sent to the attorney.

D.  No appeal shall lie from the granting or denial of an ex parte order under this Article.  The admissibility at trial or other proceeding of any testimony perpetuated under this Article shall be governed by the Louisiana Code of Evidence.

E.  The procedure authorized by this Article shall be in addition to any other procedure provided by law for the perpetuation of testimony.

Acts 1989, No. 53, §1.

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