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      CCP 152     


Art. 152. Disclosures

            A. A judge of any trial or appellate court shall disclose, to the best of his information and belief, the existence of any of the following to all attorneys and unrepresented parties in the cause:

            (1) The judge has been associated with an attorney during the latter's employment in the cause.

            (2) At the time of the hearing of any contested issue in the cause, the judge has continued to employ, to represent him personally, the attorney actually handling the cause or a member of that attorney's firm.

            (3) The judge performed a judicial act in the cause in another court.

            (4) The judge is related to any of the following:

            (a) A party or the spouse of a party, within the fourth degree.

            (b) An attorney employed in the cause, the spouse of the attorney, or any member of the attorney's law firm, within the second degree.

            (5) The judge's spouse, parent, child, or immediate family member has a substantial economic interest in the subject matter in controversy.

            B. Upon disclosure, any party may file a motion that sets forth a ground for recusal under Article 151.

            Acts 1985, No. 967, §1; Acts 2001, No. 932, §1; Acts 2021, No. 143, §1.

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