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      CCP 157     


Art. 157. Recusal of supreme court justice

            A. A party desiring to recuse a justice of the supreme court shall file a written motion therefor assigning the ground for recusal under Article 151. When a written motion is filed to recuse a justice of the supreme court, the justice may recuse himself or the motion shall be heard by the other justices of the court.

            B. When a justice of the supreme court recuses himself or is recused, the court may do one of the following:

            (1) Have the cause argued before and disposed of by the other justices.

            (2) Appoint a sitting or retired judge of a district court or a court of appeal having the qualifications of a justice of the supreme court to act for the recused justice in the hearing and disposition of the cause.

            Acts 1985, No. 967, §1; Acts 2001, No. 417, §1; redesignated from C.C.P. Art. 159 as amended by Acts 2021, No. 143, §1.

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