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      CCP 1571     



Art. 1571.  Assignment by court rule

A.(1)  The district courts shall prescribe the procedure for assigning cases for trial, by rules which shall:

(a)  Require adequate notice of trial to all parties; and

(b)  Prescribe the order of preference in accordance with law.

(2)  These rules shall not allow the assignment of ordinary proceedings for trial except after answer filed.

B.  A party who appears in proper person before the court shall advise the court of his current address and any change of address during the pendency of the proceedings.  The address and change of address shall be entered in the record of the proceedings.  The failure of a party to provide such information does not affect the validity of any judgment rendered if notice of trial or other matters was sent to the party's last known address of record.

Acts 1989, No. 284, §1.

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