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      CCP 1636     


Art. 1636.  Evidence held inadmissible; record or statement as to nature thereof

A.  When the court rules against the admissibility of any evidence, it shall either permit the party offering such evidence to make a complete record thereof, or permit the party to make a statement setting forth the nature of the evidence.

B.  At the request of any party, the court may allow any excluded evidence to be offered, subject to cross-examination: on the record during a recess or such other time as the court shall designate; or by deposition taken before a person authorized by Article l434 within thirty days subsequent to the exclusion of any such evidence or the completion of the trial or hearing, whichever is later.  When the record is completed during a recess or other designated time, or by deposition, there will be no necessity for the requesting party to make a statement setting forth the nature of the evidence.

C.  In all cases, the court shall state the reason for its ruling as to the inadmissibility of the evidence.  This ruling shall be reviewable on appeal without the necessity of further formality.

D.  If the court permits a party to make a complete record of the evidence held inadmissible, it shall allow any other party the opportunity to make a record in the same manner of any evidence bearing upon the evidence held to be inadmissible.

Acts 1993, No. 985, §1.

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