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      CCP 1765     


Art. 1765.  Challenges for cause

A juror may be challenged for cause based upon any of the following:

(1)  When the juror lacks a qualification required by law;

(2)  When the juror has formed an opinion in the case or is not otherwise impartial, the cause of his bias being immaterial;

(3)  When the relations whether by blood, marriage, employment, friendship, or enmity between the juror and any party or his attorney are such that it must be reasonably believed that they would influence the juror in coming to a verdict;

(4)  When the juror served on a previous jury, which tried the same case or one arising out of the same facts;

(5)  When the juror refuses to answer a question on the voir dire examination on the ground that his answer might tend to incriminate him.

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