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      CCP 2298     


Art. 2298.  Injunction prohibiting sale; damages

Injunctive relief prohibiting the sheriff from proceeding with the sale of property seized under a writ of fieri facias shall be granted to the judgment debtor or to a third person claiming ownership of the seized property:

(1)  When the sheriff is proceeding with the execution contrary to law;

(2)  When subsequent to the judgment payment has been made, or compensation has taken place against the judgment, or it has been otherwise extinguished.  If the payment, compensation, or extinguishment is for a part of the judgment, the injunction shall be granted to that extent, and the execution shall continue for the amount of the excess;

(3)  When the judgment is for the payment of the purchase price of property sold to the judgment debtor and a suit for recovery of the property has been filed by an adverse claimant; or

(4)  When the judgment sought to be executed is absolutely null.

In the event injunctive relief is granted to the judgment debtor or third party claiming ownership of the seized property, if the court finds the seizure to be wrongful, it may allow damages.  Attorney's fees for the services rendered in connection with the injunction may be included as an element of the damages.

Amended by Acts 1981, No. 301, §1.

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