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      CCP 2721     



Art. 2721. Seizure of property; notice

            A. The sheriff shall seize the property affected by the mortgage, security agreement, or privilege immediately upon receiving the writ of seizure and sale.

            B. The sheriff shall serve upon the defendant a written notice of the seizure of the property. The notice of seizure shall be accomplished by personal service or domiciliary service. The notice of seizure shall reproduce in full the provisions of Article 2642 and include information concerning the time, date, and place of the sheriff's sale, in accordance with the form provided in R.S. 13:3852(B). If the sheriff's sale is to be conducted through an online auction in accordance with Article 2344, the notice of seizure, or a subsequent notice served upon the defendant at least three days before the sale, shall state that the sheriff's sale will be conducted through an online auction, shall specify the date of the online auction and the time when bidding is scheduled to open, and shall identify the electronic address of the platform through which bids can be entered.

            C. If the seized property is residential property, the notice of seizure shall include information concerning the availability of housing counseling services, in accordance with the form provided in R.S. 13:3852(B).

            D. The sheriff shall have no liability to the debtor or to any third party for wrongful or improper seizure of the debtor's or third party's property of the same general type as described in the debtor's security agreement. If necessary, the sheriff shall request the secured creditor to identify the property subject to the security agreement and shall act pursuant to the secured creditor's instructions. The debtor's and other owner's sole remedy for the wrongful or improper seizure of the property shall be for actual losses sustained under R.S. 10:9-625 against the secured creditor on whose behalf and pursuant to whose instructions the sheriff may act.

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