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      CCP 2785     





Art. 2785.  Definitions

For purposes of this Section:

(1)  "Confirmed registered support order" means a support order registered pursuant to the provisions of Article 2786 and subsequently confirmed by a registering court or operation of law pursuant to the provisions of Article 2788(A)(2) or (B) or Article 2793(A)(2), (A)(3), or (B).

(2)  "Rendering court" means the district or, if applicable, family or juvenile court which rendered the support order.

(3)  "Registering court" means the district or, if applicable, family or juvenile court in which a support obligation rendered by another court of this state has been filed.

(4)  "Support order" means a judgment, decree, or order, whether temporary, final, or subject to modification, for the benefit of a child, a spouse, or a former spouse, which provides for monetary support, health care, arrearages, or reimbursement, and may include related costs and fees, interest, income withholding, attorney fees, and other relief.

(5)  "Party to a support order" means the obligee of a support order, or the state of Louisiana, Department of Children and Family Services, or similar agency of another jurisdiction or state when supplying support services as defined in or substantially similar to R.S. 46:236.1(A)(7)1, or under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), or in performance of its official duties under Title IV, Subchapter D of the Social Security Act as stated in 45 C.F.R. 301.1.

Added by Acts 1997, No. 603, §2; Acts 1999, No. 210, §1.

1H.B. 1145, 1999 R.S., introduced to enact R.S. 46:236.1(A)(7), did not pass.

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