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      CCP 2789     


Art. 2789.  Confirmed registered support order for modification; effect

A.  Upon confirming the registration of the support order, the registering court shall have continuing jurisdiction to modify the support order.

B.  The clerk of the registering court shall issue notice of the confirmation to the rendering court or, if the support order has been previously registered and confirmed for modification in another court of this state, to the last registering court.  Upon receipt of the notice, the rendering court or, if applicable, the last registering court shall cause the notice to be filed in the proceedings in which the support order was rendered or registered and that court shall be divested of jurisdiction to modify the support order retroactively to the original notice of registration filed therein unless it is subsequently registered therein for modification.

C.  When confirmed, the registered support order shall be treated in the same manner and have the same effect as a support order issued by the registering court.  Additionally, the confirmed registered support order is subject to the same procedures, defenses, and proceedings for modifying, vacating, or staying as a support order of the rendering court, and may be enforced and satisfied in a like manner.

Added by Acts 1997, No. 603, §2; Acts 1999, No. 210, §1.

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