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      CCP 2885     


Art. 2885.  Mystic testament

A.  Except as provided in Article 2886, the mystic testament must be proved by the testimony of at least three of the witnesses who were present at the act of superscription.  These witnesses shall testify, in substance:

(1)  That they recognize the sealed envelope presented to them to be the same that the testator delivered to the notary in their presence, declaring to the latter that it contained the testator's testament; and

(2)  That they recognize their signatures and that of the notary in the act of superscription, if they signed it, or the signature of the notary and of the person who signed for them, if the witnesses did not know how to sign their names.

B.  The notary before whom the act of superscription has been passed may testify as one of the three witnesses required above.

C.  A person's testimony for the purpose of this Article may be given in the form of an affidavit executed after the death of the testator, unless the court in its discretion requires the person to appear and testify orally.  All affidavits accepted by the court in lieu of oral testimony shall be filed in the probate proceedings.  This Paragraph does not apply to testimony with respect to the genuineness of a will that is judicially attacked.

Acts 1987, No. 270, §1; Acts 1999, No. 85, §1.

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