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      CCP 3133     


Art. 3133.  Proces verbal of inventory

The public inventory shall be evidenced by the notary's proces verbal of the proceedings, subscribed by him, and signed by the appraisers, witnesses, and other persons who have attended.  This proces verbal shall contain:

(1)  The names, surnames, domiciles, and qualities of the notary taking the inventory, of the witnesses thereto, of the appraisers who have valued the property, and of any other interested persons who have attended;

(2)  The dates when and places where the inventory was taken;

(3)  A description of the manner in which the inventory was taken;

(4)  An adequate description of each item of property belonging to the estate and found in the parish where the inventory was taken, and the fair market value thereof estimated by the appraisers;

(5)  An adequate description of all of the titles, account books, and written evidences of indebtedness due the estate, found during the taking of the inventory, and the amounts of the indebtedness, and the name, surname, and address of each debtor, as shown therein;

(6)  An adequate description of any property owned in whole or in part by third persons, or claimed by third persons as having been left on loan, deposit, consignment, or otherwise; and

(7)  A recapitulation of the aggregate value of all movable property, the aggregate value of all immovable property, and the total value of all property owned by the estate.

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