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      CCP 3229     


Art. 3229.  Notice by publication of application for court order; opposition

A.  When an application is made for an order under Articles 3198, and 3224 through 3228, notice of the application shall be published once in the parish where the succession proceeding is pending in the manner provided by law.  When an application is made for an order under Article 3226 to grant a mineral lease, the notice shall also be published in the parish or parishes in which the affected property is located.

B.  A court order shall not be required for the publication of the notice.  The notice shall state that the order may be issued after the expiration of seven days from the date of publication and that an opposition may be filed at any time prior to the issuance of the order.  If no opposition is filed, the court may grant the authority requested at any time after the expiration of the seven days from the date of publication.

C.  An opposition shall be tried as a summary proceeding.

Amended by Acts 1974, No. 131, §2; Acts 1981, No. 317, §1; Acts 1987, No. 269, §1.

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