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      CCP 3321     



Art. 3321.  Interim allowance for maintenance during administration

When a succession is sufficiently solvent, the surviving spouse, heirs, or legatees shall be entitled to a reasonable periodic allowance in money for their maintenance during the period of administration, if the court concludes that such an allowance is necessary, provided the sums so advanced to the spouse, heirs, or legatees are within the amount eventually due them.  Such payments shall be charged to the share of the person receiving them.

A surviving spouse, heir, or legatee may compel the payment of an allowance during the administration by contradictory motion against the succession representative.

Notice of the filing of a petition for authority to pay an allowance, or of a contradictory motion to compel the payment of an allowance, shall be published once in the manner provided by law.  The notice shall state that any opposition must be filed within ten days from the date of publication.

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