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      CCP 3667     


Art. 3667.  When proof of nonuse required in possessory action against owner of mineral right

In a possessory action against the owner of a mineral right subject to the prescription of nonuse, one possessing land as owner under a title which on its face discloses the mineral right in question must allege and prove that he has possessed the surface of the land as owner quietly and without interruption for more than one year prior to the date the action is brought and that for a period of at least ten years before the year preceding the date on which the action is brought the mineral right was not used or exercised according to its nature.  The fact that prescription accruing against the mineral right in question may have been suspended or may have been interrupted for some cause other than use is irrelevant to the possessory action and can be utilized by the defendant only as a basis for claiming ownership of the disputed rights in a petitory action.

Added by Acts 1974, No. 547, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 1975.

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