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      CCP 4131     



Art. 4131.  Amount

A.  The person appointed tutor, except the natural tutor, shall furnish security for the faithful performance of his duties in an amount equal to the total value of the minor's movable property as shown by the inventory or detailed descriptive list, plus such additional sum as the court may consider sufficient to cover any loss or damage which may be caused by the bad administration of the tutor.

B.  Upon proper showing that the security required is substantially in excess of that needed for the protection of the minor, the court may fix the security at any amount which it considers sufficient for the protection of the minor.

C.  The court may order the security to be increased or diminished at any time as the movable property may increase or diminish in value, or for other circumstances which the court may consider proper.

D.  When the only asset of the minor is a contested claim for damages, the court may postpone the furnishing of security until the claim is recovered, at which time the tutor shall provide security as required by this Article.

Acts 1983, No. 344, §1; Acts 1985, No. 146, §1.

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